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Social Touch And Reform

With the blessings and token monetary support of Humanitarian as well as kind-hearted two ladies Senior Citizens Smt. Anupama Das of Baranagar (Kolkata-36) and Smt. Bharati Mallick of Gariahat Road (Kolkata-29), some Service-holders of Govt. & Private sectors, Business-class persons, Pensioners, Agency workers, Self-employed Person, Private Tutor, and some house-Wives, – all they together initiated this Organisation ‘Social Touch And Reform’ that started rolling on Social Work field in January 2005 and that still works determinedly with its very limited Resources. Although this NGO had to bid goodbye to those two ladies Senior Citizens who already have left this human world. Now we carry their Inspiration as Candles in the never-ending ‘Relay Race’ of Social Work; we Float as Streams on a sea of Social Work as their Inspiration flows as current and sparks us to move more and more.

Performances Done


Haawa Bodal

It is this NGO’s Recreational cum Educational ‘Haawa Bodal’ part (helps to study the People’s Socio-Economy).

"Anna O Bastra (Rice and Clothes)" DAAN Programmes

done by this NGO periodically in various corners aiming to support the poorest section of the poor peoples’ communities.

Tiffin-Seva DAAN and Medical Supports

are also some Parts of our many Programmes; — done if any poor people’s community asks for.

Social Tragedy
The Curse against Social Development

What is the need for having Social Works’ Organisations, if Social Good exists in all phases of daily lives of people? Basically it‘s the duty of the Govt. to provide Comforts to the people of Civil Societies through Govt. Departments & its own-staffed Civil Bodies. General Realisation is that : Basic Needs of the People are Food, Shelter & Clothing, while Extended Basic Needs mostly demand Education & Health. In all corners of the world, it’s the real that, when the Govt. of an underdeveloped / developing country feels financial stringency to provide the Basic Needs / Extended Basic Needs to their people, — there arises the Appeal of that Govt. for the NGOs to cooperate; as the NGOs in need sacrifice mainly with their volunteering manpower which directly saves the monetary expenditure of the Govt., and secondly in need, the NGOs spend their owned Fund (money that have earlier been created collecting from people / Private or Govt. bodies). Thus in many countries NGOs work as Supplementing Bodies of the Govts.

In India, Planning Commission / NITI Aayog (through DARPAN) approves many NGOs to work for Govt. of India.

Govt. creates Offices in multi-disciplinary fields to provide benefits to the Civil Societies, decentralises Administrations where necessary through Corporations / Municipalities, spreads itself in Rural Sectors through the system of Panchayatiraj. To hold all these Establishments by a Govt. after a certain boundary when is realised much Expensive, — urge for the NGOs then understood. But misery is, nowadays many corrupt Politicians control / create NGOs cloudily and paw on Govt / Corporate Funds which actually had been for Peoples’ Development. Thus although there are vast fields awaiting Social Development, honestly-working NGOs can’t get Fund from Govt / Corporate bodies. Nexuses of Corporates with corrupt Politicians are alarmingly increasing too.

Black Ghost in Yellowish Mustard. Some of The Well-Known Facts :

  1. Advocates of Courts of Laws in India do not normally give you any Receipt as Fee / Services against your Payment(s) to them.
  2. Though you pay, yet won’t get Physician’s Receipt as Fee / Services in India normally.
  3. In India, Eminent Personalities / Celebrities normally give False / Untrue Statements favouring Corporates’ Businesses.
  4. Politicians’ Candidatures / Nominations Submissions before Election Machinery are not normally questioned, although submitted statements made therein on Education, Wealth etc. are known as False / Untrue.

And the Truth is that almost all they, mentioned above, hide their actual high-volume of yearly Income before the Govt.

On the other pole of these Dishonesties, Depression encloses ‘tiny-sized Non-Governmental Organisations’ if not such NGOs show their inflated Returns (Income & Expense) which only is the Criterion to Survive creating Projects / bringing
new and new Programmes through getting Govt. / Corporate FINANCES.

For Social Development everywhere in India, The Govts / Corporates should prefer the Honesty to work and not the only Hulk.

It’s a Showering of Joy for the Elite, Nothing except a Week’s Business of the Art;
but over the year, it Glitters the Sorrow of the Have-Nots (Non-Literate / weakened by age).

As this NGO’s President feels :

It’s the Show of the Elite, for the Elite and made by the Elite in Elite Town like Kolkata at which you may see the Rural Poor have been engaged as DHAKI-Team who on a mostly minimal monetary deal do leave their native village/s  ‟Poor but Pure‟ Pujas. These “Greatest shows” of the Town steal every year’s Puja-days of such DHAKI-Teams, break their Family-joys perennially – trapping anyway on mostly minimal monetary deals.
It’s definitely the Immoral Part of the “Greatest shows” of the Town.
Don’t you have any acceptable figure of money that are spent in such “Greatest shows” of kolkata Town?
Unit should be measured with “Thousand-Crore”.
1. Bengal Govt Sponsors it.
2. UNESCO Patronises it.
3. Corporates Invest here. Everything enters into the account of the Puja Committees. It’s the Business. It propels the Power or Politics.
4. Now Assam Govt. thinks about sponsoring the Big Festival of that State.
5. Present Union Govt. of India is in queue too to get popularity in the Citizens’ Communities which in turn would help them in retaining the Political Power.

Durga Idols Makers or Pandels Designers or Theme adding Artistes are not in a state of so misery compared to the Payments done to DHAKI-Teams. DHAKI-Teams really belong to Underprivileged class.

Another Deprived Group is the Senior Citizens being neglected in their families deported to some “Seniors’ Shelters”.
They continuously cared their seeds and being the Final-Products, we, do not care their comforts.

To mitigate this developing Crisis, Govt should have to take the Liabilities of this Senior Age-Groups; — generating Residential Comfort Zones.
If Govt is already overloaded with other burdens e.g., Creches, Juvenile Centres, Rescue / Short-Stay Homes etc., — then Govt should cooperate the NGOs, releasing Funds with which the NGOs can mix-up their own Volunteering Work-Forces and take Cares of these deported Senior Citizens.
And if, fringe money is supplied to NGOs by the Govt or Corporate or some Foreign agency, at least then these Weakened (by age) Group can slightly be rhythmic with the Festival of Goddess Durga. This Greatest Show then may turn meaningfully as “Great Matter of showing their Gratefulness to Goddess Durga”.

Why Not the Govts / Corporates / Foreign Agencies do include the Have-Nots (Non-Literate / weakened by age) as beneficiaries anyway in this type of ‘Greatest Show (e.g., Durga Puja) on Earth’ ?

Why not NGOs are considered by these Aid-providers to work with these unblessed Have-Nots and weakened Seniors — even minimally for such ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ ?

When unblessed Have-Nots and weakened Seniors will be pulled to participating at any episode anywhere of this event, this Festival will there then not be a ‘Circus’ to themselves but really be a ‘Show’;  Meaningfully “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Project Ongoing

We relentlessly work to construct in field The TANPURA (The Dream Shelter for Single-Living Women and Senior Citizens)

Proposed Building
TANPURA – Residential Comfort Zone
for Singly-living Women

TANPURA – A pleasure & Promise for
Senior Citizens designed to Add
some Healthy Days more in their Lives

team members

Dipak Kumar Das

Chief Functionary cum President

Goutam Nandi

Vice President

Saroma Basak


Smt. Lakshmi Gupta 

Asstt. Secretary