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Social Touch And Reform


“TANPURA Project is a praiseworthy effort” — expressed by Dr. Bibek Debroy (Padma Shri) Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India.

The Project is only 170kms. / 3hrs.’ away from Kolkata by good roads and rails. Helipad at Bolpur is really on partial progress in connecting other provinces and many countries. Santiniketan at Bolpur is the loveliest creation of the Nobel Laureate Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore & every day the place gets visitors from other provinces and from foreign nations. It is that place where Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen through his team has now opened schools for unprivileged kids besides working for ‘Social Reforms’.

Besides the classic-pride Visva-Bharati (Central) University, the Biswa-Bangla (State) University also takes the surface near  Bolpur-Santiniketan. The Project-plot is at a 5km distance from Bolpur-Santiniketan Rly. Stn. and situated in a very calm, pollution-free, fair-civic area within close vicinity of a Govt. Hospital & two private Hospitals. The breeze of springtime and festive mood runs throughout the year in Bolpur-Santiniketan. Nature is colorful and enjoyable there. The Residential Club-House for Women and Sr.Citizens ‘TANPURA’ (moderately advanced Residential Shelter) will be there a distinct entity where the Residents with Comfort, Companions, and Care; as a TANPURA resonates with the sounds of songs.

In these hard days of changing family bonds, changing responsibilities of newer generations, and unwise financing of next-level inheritors — as growingly shown to them, — here the Seniors will feel the rhythm of lives; because the Sociable ‘TANPURA’ will refresh human Hearts by combining their Lives with Musical Hospitality in the Nature unleashed. Parallelly, women living single status for the reason of their outstation duties or due to separation or any other reason will get there a safe calm environment where they will get their homely happiness.

1) When weak Aged Seniors at their houses, losing their nearest blood relations, feel hopeless from enjoying the golden spring times of their after-retirement periods and get forced to turn themselves mute under boredom & deadly-sate of living,

2) Also, while at their own homes, these really-unguarded weak Aged Seniors feel very shaky apprehending anti-social activities like dacoity, stabbing, etc.

3) Women when unduly get separated due to any reason, they are considered to be weak and prone to vulgar sections of society.

Oppositely then at ‘TANPURA’ getting its warmth and respects these Olds a) will be cheerful having talks in their mouths, b) be bodily very active, c) will get the security of their lives, d) be able to protect their wealth e) will create their immeasurable new golden moments and f) women will get here social security, quality companion and stability.

As such, the Life span of each of these residents will get new dimensions of livelihood.

Overview of the Scheme

TANPURA’ being a 4-storied main building will have 14724 sq. ft. usable area (3681 sq. ft each floor) on a land of 8800 sq. ft. within which 27 nos. 1-BHK Flats (each twin-share natured having 456 sq. ft. super-built space/net covered area 343 sq. ft.) and 3 nos. 5-bedded Dormitories (each of 605 sq. ft. super-built space in which each bed-area gets 121 sq. ft. / net covered area 455 sq. ft. & net bed-area 91 sq. ft) will live greenly; – accommodating 65 honorable Sr.Citizens who will enjoy their private open-land of 5119 sq. ft where amusement & peace may embrace each other.

Each Flat / Dormitory will be ready there with Fan, Air conditioner, Geyser, Bed, TV, Mirror, Almirah, Electric Oven (on demand), Table & Chair, Intercom facility, etc.    

Common facilities like a Dining hall, Kitchen, Conference Room with Library Corner, Front Reception and Office, Massage Parlour, Cafeteria, Lift, Generator, tiny Pool & Garden, Temple for Meditation, etc., and above all regular Medical Attendance, Physiotherapy, and ready-Ambulance service will be available on the excess land-space in TANPURA.

  • ‘TANPURA’ will provide buses and Cars always for the Recreation of its Residents and their Relatives. The Project will cater to Social Functions and Tours.
  • ‘TANPURA’ will have a good understanding with a Resort that will take care of the Residents’ kith and kin during their visits to ‘TANPURA’.
  • TANPURA Trust will govern the entire Scheme and the Activities of this Project.
  • A Govt. Regd. NGO will majorly monitor the activities of this Sociable ‘TANPURA’– on a “No Loss, No Profit” basis.

For the smooth functioning of the Project a Consortium be formed taking both, TANPURA Trust and the NGO (Social Touch And Reform), into account.

Who be the Resident in TANPURA

Any lady who is working or separated from their family or any person between touching age 55yrs and above may get Resident status for indefinite years here against a justified monthly service charge (as per present market condition) that includes breakfast, meal, evening tea, dinner, furnished room rent (twin share), electric / generator service, lift maintenance, general cleanliness charge, attendant service, sweepers and securities, etc. and especially general medical attendance charges. Persons preferring a Dormitory of 5-bed capacity will have to pay a monthly service charge — always to be less than the persons enjoying a twin-share room. 

Electricity charges for each full-furnished room of the concerned Residents will be their monthly additional only – as the sub-meters will read.

To obtain a Resident status, each individual should produce two (2) sureties who should satisfy the TANPURA-Trust in the cases relating to that nominated individual. Failure on the part of sureties to satisfy the TANPURA-Trust at any stage will cease the Resident-status of their nominated individual. After cessation of that status, that individual is not entitled to live in ‘TANPURA’.

Exact Location and Connectivity of the Project

44 Express-Trains from intra-state corners and from different corners of the country e.g., from Guwahati, Silchar, Dhuliyan (all Assam),  Gaya, Rajgir, Muzaffarpur & Jamalpur (all Bihar),  Agartala (Tripura),  Varanasi (UP),  Yesvantpur & Bangaluru Cantt,  Secunderabad, Thiruvananthapuram Central, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Jharkhand, etc. have direct connections with and stop at Bolpur-Santiniketan.

Nearest International Airport is at (NSCBI) Kolkata.  Kazi Nazrul Islam domestic Airport at Andal (Burdwan District WB) is 66kms distant from Bolpur.  Govt. has already made Helipad at Bolpur and we expect Flights to be operated soon.

By Roadways from Kolkata, Bolpur is only 170 km. and takes only 3hrs.

‘TANPURA’ – as the Architect designed

The real ‘TANPURA’ will be a Tiny Resort – full of activities and energies that spontaneously is capable to boost its Residents to stay-in more alive. Joy, happiness, warmth, and peace have ample scopes to wave at every corner inside ‘TANPURA’. The quality construction, hygienic design, and magical finish of this 4-storied ‘TANPURA’ estimated a fig. of Rs.4.5 crore adding the costs of Electrical Gazettes, Sanitary Wares & other fittings, Furniture, Health & Medical Equipment purchase, Generators & Lift purchase and on Infra-structure.

Essentiality of the Donors’ Supports

The total value of money-deposits of Residents is either for adjustment with the concerned Boarder’s   Hospitalisation-cost / special medical care expenses during the Resident-status, else refundable; therefore, creation of ‘TANPURA’ and its regular actions are really not possible, – if not the Donors wisely come forward.

This Social Project will have 2 blocks on each floor; i.e. 8 blocks are in the building. Any Personality, any Institution, or any Government may take a good role in structuralizing ‘TANPURA’ or its block(s). We welcome them eagerly. We expect that such Donor(s) will send their Representative(s) to act in the TANPURA-Trust to see the utilization of their Donation(s) and also to advise the Board to moderate always its activities. ‘TANPURA’ believes in the “Essentiality of the Donors’ Support” as an integral part of the Project. 

Amenities in the Pocket of ‘TANPURA’ Residents:

Flats / Dormitories will be ready with Fan, Air conditioner, Geyser, Bed, TV, Mirror, Almirah, Electric Oven  (on demand), Table & Chair, Intercom facility, etc.

Electricity charges for each full-furnished room of the concerned Residents will be their monthly additional only – as the sub-meters will read. 

Common facilities like a Dining hall, Kitchen, Conference Room with Library Corner, Front Reception and Office, Massage Parlour, Cafeteria on green-Lawn, Lift, Generator, tiny Pool & Garden, Temple for Meditation, etc., and above all regular Medical Attendance, Physiotherapy and ready-Ambulance service will be there.   

‘TANPURA’ will provide buses and Cars always for the Recreation of its Residents and their Relatives. The Project will cater to Social Functions and Tours.

A good understanding with a Resort will take care of the Residents’ kith and kin during their visits to ‘TANPURA’.

Monthly Service Charge will include i) all Breakfasts, Meals, Evening Tea+Snacks, and Dinners ii) Rent of Bed in a furnished Flat / Dormitory iii) usage of all common facilities.  

Benefits in the Body & Mind of each of ‘TANPURA’ Residents

(Involvement of ‘TANPURA’ Residents in the Community Activities)

Meditation / Prayer, Yoga Classes, Forums, Cultural participation, Social movements, etc. will be there. ‘TANPURA’ has a desire in its mind that every week 25 poor of the streets (i.e., 100 poor every month) will be served Lunch. 

Govt. sponsored several Programmes on Poush Mela, Vasant Utsav (Holi), Tribal Fest & Folk Artistes Mela (Music, Dance & Drama), NSD’s

Natyasala, Khoai Mela, Paribesh Mela, etc. are staged in Bolpur. Culturally Bolpur is unique. ‘TANPURA’ Residents would also play there. 

Liaison with Govt. departments from TANPURA-Trust will be continuous in nature so that Residents / Boarders of TANPURA may act as teachers in any arranged Open School.

Further, TANPURA may run for Beautiful Bengal a scheme “Social Tourism” which would be the Practical Class ‘Therapy’ for Geography, Geology, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Botany, Zoology, Arts and Culture, Crafts and Economy, Discoveries, Science and Innovations, engraved Natural Resources, Polity and Administration of Bengal.

Extension of ‘TANPURA’ in the near future

Although the sanctioned plan is for a 4-storied building yet sufficient technical care (engineering) is taken in making its foundation-work, so that, its 5th story can easily be built† wherein happily more 15-Residents can get space to stay.    († Must need the sanction of the local Govt.)

These 15 residents (almost 20 % of the Project’s beds’ strength) would get ‘monthly service charge-free’ Resident status in ‘TANPURA’, if Govt./Corporate besides granting one-time Finance, sanctions a regular subsidy. 

Connections with Medical Hospitals

Bolpur sub-divisional Hospital (being upgraded to Super-Speciality standard) is adjacent to ‘TANPURA’ — at a distance of just 2 minutes by walk.  Local Govt Administration is ‘TANPURA’-friendly and the Hospital is capacious to professionally serve its Hospitality to ‘TANPURA’.

Bolpur GLOCAL Hospital (HQ at Rajarhat, Kolkata) is at a distance of 2 minutes by Ambulance / Car. Talks on making Agreements for extending their well-medical professionalism to ‘TANPURA’ Residents are in progress.

Project TANPURA is on No Loss, No Profit

(based on part-Charity / Donation and part-Boarding charges)

— a proposed Shelter for Women & Senior Citizens to be on a 0.22-acre Land (8800 sq. ft. ground) in the midst of Velvet-green wide Nature at Bolpur-Santiniketan.

The Project is acceptable to the Donors & Funding Institutions — as this help to generate:

i)      Better Livelihood and Health for some Women & Senior Citizens,

ii)     Employment for some Rural Youths / Rescued Women declared by Govt,    

iii)    As it will serve Cooked (excess) Eatables to some poor and   

iv)    As it relates to Vitalize Education and Organize Green Environment through participating in

  ‘Tribal Fests’ and ‘Folk Artists Melas’, conducting ‘Social Tourism’ etc

TANPURA (Shelter for Senior Citizens and single-living Women) will be a specially designed Happy Zone having in-campus Spring-environment, Peaceful living, Quality Eatables, Polished Culture, Nourishment / Nursing. Hospitals (Govt. and Private) stand beside the Plot. TANPURA Residents will attend culturally rich Folk Artistes’ Melas, Tribal Fests etc. Its Boarders will independently organize ‘Social Tourism’ too. Meal / Dinner / Garments — if found excess any time, will be distributed from the Project-site on Charity for needy persons in an organized manner.

Our NGO is financially weak, but we are confident that it’s a Good Project [Dr. Bibek Debroy, Chairman of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India (EAC-PM) has gone through the details about TANPURA;  and on 20Apr’20 he commented it “a very praiseworthy effort”].  We are confident also on its sound running after its first-start; — as the Project is a combination of

  1. Sheltering Senior Citizens and single-living Women
  2. Educating the children of the ‘have-nots’ parents
  3. Providing some open-to-all ‘Rural Street Libraries’ in the adjacent 20 kms. (5km x 4km) areas of the Project
  4. Distributing Meal / Dinner / Garments — if found excess any time, on Charity for needy persons in an organized manner
  5. Employing youth preferably women, in the Project
  6. Running a Mobile Medical Unit in the adjacent 20 kms. areas of the Project engaging its Staff Doctor & Nurse (as additional Voluntary Medical Service for Rural People keeping close link with Govt. Health service) etc.

As the Construction Cost of this Project TANPURA is now recalculated as Rs.5 Cr almost,
A. we need good Corporate’s CSR; and alternatively,
B. some leading Bank may sanction Loan for this Project from its unutilized money, taking the Project-Land as Mortgage; with a token Interest-Rate (may it be yrly. 1% for a period of 20 yrs. counting it from 5th birth-anniversary of the Project.

This Project with the best of its strength is ready to cooperate the Corporate’s CSR / Lender-Bank as a mark of Token Return of their wise-help, if so happens.


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